Design Objectives: The renovation of this kitchen in Aldershot was a tweaking and tuning of sorts. The fundamental layout of the existing kitchen made a lot of sense for the way that the family cooked and lived in the kitchen. The existing kitchen had all of the elements that appear in the renovated space, however, by manipulating them, we were able to achieve a room with far greater usability and functionality. The single most significant move was to make a built in banquette that borrowed slightly from under-used space in the neighbouring family room. This move allowed us to create a casual eating area that is within the kitchen but facilitated a larger island and a mellifluous flow though the space from its many entry points. The careful selection of operating hardware and internal fittings greatly improved the organization and ergonomics of the workspace.

Materials: A simple palate of slip matched quarter sawn white oak, Caesarstone and stainless steel was used to create a light, rich, clean look that harmonized with new quarter sawn oak floors that were stained to match existing floors.