space: Ground floor renovation and kitchen installation.

design objectives: The renovation of the ground floor of this house was spurred on by the need, as so often is the case, to do a kitchen renovation. The layout was a typical suburban center hall plan that did not relate to the way in which the clients lived their lives as a family. The "room" in the centre bay at the rear of the house once housed the kitchen but is now occupied by a spacious dining room. One of the very interesting aspects of this project is that the ground floor plan was an exact mirror of another house renovated by objects + spaces two years earlier. In the first case, although the ground floor was considerably reworked, the kitchen remained in the centre rear of the house. Two distinctly different solutions were a result of two distinctly different families.

materials: Walnut cabinetry with low voc waterborne finish, soapstone counters, seamless stainless steel sink and counter, repaired and refinished oak floors, ceramic tile.