Design objectives: The redesign of this home involved the refurbishing of all surface throughout the house as well as the repurposing of several spaces to better suit the family. This Oakville house, like so many, unable to gracefully accommodate modern living. The family of six found themselves without adequately large and flexible spaces to entertain and interact as a family. Several substantive changes were made to the layout of the house, including moving the kitchen from the centre-rear bay of the house to the back corner of the house, moving the laundry facility to the second floor, eliminating the formal living room and enhancing the existing family room. The large open kitchen now acts as the centre of the pinwheel; connecting living, dining and work spaces, becoming the hub of this busy home. A simple but elegant palate was used throughout the home to bring a sense of openness, lightness, continuity and flow to the spaces. Modern furniture with bold color and cleam lines was built or selected to help accentuate a clean modern aesthetic.

Materials: Porcelain and quart cut oak floors, walnut cabinetry, granite and Caesarstone counters with limestone and stainless steel accents.