project: Three Bathrooms in Aldershot

design objectives: The two bathrooms and powder room in this house in Aldershot where renovated shortly after we undertook the renovation of the kitchen. The desire was two produce three rooms that shared an aesthetic with each other as well as the new kitchen, so as to give a sense of unity and flow to the home as a whole. The same slip matched, quarter sawn white oak was used for all the bathrooms as it was in the kitchen. The wall colour was kept simple, clean and bright to accent the glass tile and give the space an openness. Caesarstone was used for the countertops in all rooms however the colour in the powder room relates to the kitchen whereas the main and master bathrooms have a lighter stone to help create the airiness desired. The bathrooms all have the Zucchetti Spin faucet in common; however, many of the other details become variations on a theme.